Off-road Jeep Tours

Off-road Jeep Tours

We offer off-road Jeep tours in Israel in two categories:

Group 4X4 Tours

In this option we travel 3-6 cars together for 1,2 and up to 4 days in the Galilee and Golan heights. Each Jeep will have an English-speaking driver and we drive through unique and wonderful trails, Meet fascinating  local people, have short hikes to unique locations and have a true life-changing experience.

This option is perfect for Bar-Mitzvah / Family groups of 8-24 people.

Private 4X4 tours

You can join me in my 4X4 SUV (Toyota Land-Cruiser) for a private tour anywhere in Israel. In this tour we will mix on and off road rides, short hikes , visits to interesting people and sites according to your preferences.

Suitable for 6-4 people

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