Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

You are welcome to join me to experience an adventure in Israel!

  • As an authorized "Wilderness Adventure Instructor" I'll be glad to plan for you and guide you on a special tour that will add Adrenalin and excitement to your travel in Israel.
  • We can adjust the level of adventure to your preferences. It can be more adventurous and extreme or more moderate, or even to combine it as part of a "normal" tour, in any case it will take your breath away…

You can choose any one of the following activities or let me know what you want and I'll create it for you!


An Amazing-Race style game

This is a fun tour, where we will visit the markets, meet fascinating people, taste authentic food and complete tasks in the style of “The Amazing Race”


Desert Safari

Fascinating jeep trips where we can drive through the true wilderness of the Judean and Negev deserts or also the Galilee and Golan

Omega & Rope activities

There is a great variety of activities related to ropes that I can offer you. From rope parks that are being developed in the country to Omega and rope courses that we can set up in the wilderness, and also abseiling trips in the desert.

Mountain bike Tours

Mountain bike tours are a great and different way to get to know Israel. Whether it be a tour of two hours easy riding or a three day desert trip all can be arranged according to your desires

Extreme Activities

If you are looking for high adrenaline this is the tour for you. Tornado boat sailing, skydiving, hot-air ballooning, caving and more. You name it and I’ll create it!

Treks & Hikes

A walk gives a completely different experience to get to know the country. I can design for you or guide you to a great variety of hiking trails throughout the country. Excursions of several hours or hiking for a few days trekking the Judean desert, the Negev or Galilee and Golan Heights

Please fill-in your details and I'll get back to you, for more details and options

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