Customized Private Tours

Customized Private Tours

You are welcome to join me on a guided tour to any one of the classic sites of the Holy-land:



Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is perhaps the holiest city in the world. It's 5000 years of rich history makes it one of the most fascinating cities to visit for Jews, Christian and Muslims.
It's a very difficult task to choose which of the dozens of sites to visit but we will get to the most interesting and exciting places according to your preferences. We can "follow Jesus' footsteps", visit the city of David and the wailing wall or many many other options that will make an unforgettable day.



Dead sea & Masada

This tour will bring us to the Dead Sea the lowest place on earth (approx. 430 meters below sea level). Situated beside the Judean desert with its breathtaking views of mountains and cliffs. The desert comprises of magnificent historical sites and nature reserves: Masada the ancient fortress and symbol of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans , Qumran the discovery site of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Ein Gedi oasis. A one or two day tour to this region will include these sites and others according to your preferences.


Jaffa & Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the economic and social heart of the country, with its busy and trendy city life, with its wonderful beaches and sea-front, with the vibrant scenes of High-tech, culinary and Gay life, won many time the title of a leading tourist city of the world. Jaffa, that was the main port of the Holy-land for centuries adds the oriental beauty and atmosphere and completes for the visitor an exciting and enjoyable tour. We will choose for you some of the doses of great sites of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa according to your preferences



Caesarea, the splendid artificial port that was built by king Harrods in the peak days of the Roman empire, gives the visitor an impressive glance into the past. We will be able to visit the well-kept Theater, the Hippodrome that was used also for Gladiators fights, the artificial port that used to be considered and one of the worlds wonders. impressive mosaics and more. This is also the place in which Cornelius the first non-Jew Christians was baptized and St. Paul. the trip to Caesarea can be combined with tours to Haifa and Acre.


Haifa & Carmel

Haifa, the 3rd largest city of Israel, sits on the tip of the Carmel Mountain above a a magnificent bay,that on its other side sits the ancient city of Acre is situated. Haifa offers marvelous sites among them you can find the Stella-Maris church with its breath-taking view point, the Holy cave of profit Elijah, the magnificent Baha'i Gardens and other great attractions. The tour that will be set according to your preferences can be combined with other sites in the area such as Acre and the grotto of Rosh-Hanikra




The Galilee is an incredible mosaic of nature and scenery, of villages and towns in which Muslims, Jews, Christians, Baha'i, and Caucasians live in peace and harmony, of interesting history and of tranquility. In the Galilee many sites, famous all over the world, like Nazareth (Jesus home town), Acre ( The crusaders' capital) or Safed (Where the Kabbalah was founded) but the Galilee is also a home for many authentic, beautiful and exciting sites that are less-known but will allow you to meet and interact with local fascinating people that will not leave you indifferent. the tour to the Galilee, the area I specialize in, will be constructed according to your preferences and will leave you with unforgettable memories


In Nazareth angel Gabriel announced Maria of the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ and here Jesus spent 30 years of his life. Therefore, in Nazareth you can find many churches and monasteries that relates to Jesus and his family life. But Nazareth is much more than that. it is the largest Arab city of Israel, a pleasant and welcoming town where a tour in it will include on top of the Churches ( where the Church of Annunciation will be the first) also visits to the colorful oriental market, Planed encounters with local people and also a taste of the rich culinary scene of the city. We will be able to visit other sites that we will choose together according to your wish.


Sea of Galilee


The tour around the sea of Galilee is specially designed for Christians and is a tour following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Here he gathers his disciples, here he performed most of his miracles and here he preached many of his key principles. Our tour, that will be designed according to your preferences, will include (among the rest) visit to Caparnaum, Tabha (With the church of the bread and fish), to the mountain of beatitude, to the Museum in Genosar where a wrack of a 2000 years old boat is presented (and we will ask ourselves whether it was Jesus' or his disciples' boat?) and even to Mount Tabor (where the transfiguration took place) and to the Jordan river in which we can baptized.

Golan Heights 

The volcanic Plato of the Golan heights that is situated in the northern part of Israel close to the Syrian border and connected to Mount Hermon, The highest of the county's mountains, is a wonderful place to travel in. The Golan combines nature and scenery, old and new fascinating history, great people to meet and many sites that are great fun to visit. Our tour of the Golan Heights, that will be planned according to your preferences can be combined with a tour to a close by areas like the Jordan river sources (including Banias springs), the Sea of Galilee or the Galilee itself.

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